Cleaning validation 

Cleaning validation

Surfaces monitoring can be done at different levels, from the simply check of hygiene on a working bench, to the more complicated cleaning validation of critical environments such as clean rooms. Products proposed by KAIROSafe, thanks to their variety, can adapt to many different requests.


Sterile swabs

Swabs of different types and materials

Sterile sponges

Sponges for environmental or carcasses sampling

Sterile wipes

Wipes for environmental sampling

Sterile overboots

Overboots for Salmonella smpling. Pre-moisted with MRD

Sampling template

Sampling template ISO 17604-18593

Ready to use culture media

Contact dishes and slides 2 media

Pathogen detection kit

Rapid tests for microrganisms detection on surfaces


For ATP+ADP+AMP monitoring on surfaces and liquids

Protein detection kit

Chemical indicator on swab for protein detection on working surfaces Color change from yellow to green in presence of proteins

Food Allergens and Meat detection kit

Rapid and ELISA test for food allergens detection on surfaces

Cleaning wipers

Isopropilic alcohol 70% wet wipes