Membrane Filters 

Membrane Filters

Various materials available, sterile and non-sterile, gridded or plain. Lot-specific certification. Sterile: expiration date 3 years after production, single packaged in peel-pouch. Non sterile: bulk packaging without expiration date


Membrane filters for dispenser

Sterile membranes, gridded white or black, packaged in roll

MCE (Mixed Cellulose Esters)

Mix of cellulose nitrate and acetate. Hydrophilic, biologically inert material. Gridded filters have clearly defined grid lines spaced at 3.1 mm. Special ink used is non toxic and free from bacterial growth inhibitors. Applications: microbiological analysis, clarification and sterilization of acqueous solutions, particles removal, DNA and proteins microdyalisis, fluorescence test, air particles monitoring

NY (Nylon)

Hydrophilic material, recommended for acqueous solutions and for use in HPLC. Eliminates the needs of wetting agents. Flexible, durable and resistant, can be auoclaved at 135°C.Applications: bacteria and particles removal, acqueous solutions and organic solvents filtration

PP (Polypropylene)

Hydrophobic material, biologically and chemically inert. Recommended for sample preparatrion in HPLC, sterilizing filtrations and organic soilvents clarification. Wide chemical compatibility. Applications: acqueous or organic solvents filtration, low protein level solution filtration

PES (Polyethersulfone)

Hydrophilic material, compatible with organic solvents. Asymmetrical pores structure gives high particle retention, with high flow speed and high recovery results. Applications: water, chemical reagents, high temperature liquids, biological and pharmaceutical substances filtration

PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride)

Hydrophobic material, non wettable. Allows transit for wet air or other gas, also with low pressure differences. Applications: fluids purification

PTFE (Teflon) hydrophobic

Compatible with strong and aggressive solvents, acid and basic solutions. Use in solvents filtration, HPLC and pre-filtrations. Applications: strong acid solutions filtration, phase separations, aerosol sampling


Compatible with strong solutions. Use in solvents filtration, HPLC and pre-filtrations. Applications: strong solutions filtration, phase separations, aerosol sampling

CA (Cellulose Acetate)

Hydrophilic material, modified to have low protein retention, to obtain high efficiency and low consumption in protein solutions filtrering. High resistance: recommended for acqueous alcoholic solutions. Applications: filtration and sterilization for proteic and enzimatic solutions, biological fluids filtration, cold filtration, cytologic diagnostic, recovery of gram positive fastidious microrganisms, cellular culture media sterilization