Syringe filters 

Syringe filters

High quality syringe filters in virgin PP housings, white or coloured, available in all of the major membranes including. Supplied as Simplepure (13 or 25 mm), Superpure (17 or 30 mm) and Steribio/Sterile (sterile single packaged in blister). In: luer lock female. Out: luer slip male. Sterile filters are certififed as RNase-free, Dnase-free, DNA-free and Endotoxin-free. All filters are certified for HPLC use


NY (Nylon)

Universal application for analytical procedured. Hydrophilic material, recommended for acqueous non acid solutions, organic samples and HPLC. Excellent flow characteristics, low extractable levels, high mechanical stability, high protein binding and high dirt loading capacity. Many applications: electric semiconductor industrial water filtration, chemicals filtration, beverage filtration

GF (Glass Fiber)

Hydrofilic material, high compatibility with organic solvents and strong acids (except fluridric acid) and bases. Designed for clarification of extremely viscous samples or dirt particulates-laden samples

PES (Polyethersulfone)

Highest levels of performance and purity. Low affinity for proteins, low levels of extractable, faster flow rates than PVDF. Designed for prefiltration of buffers and culture media. Applications: sterile filtering protein solutions, tissue culture media filtration, tissue culture additive filtration

CA (Cellulose Acetate)

High flow rates and thermal stability, combined with very low absorbtion characteristics. Particularly suitable for filtration of acqueous solutions. Applications: filtering sterilization of acqueous solutions, proteic solutions, sera, culture media, groundwater filtration (nitrate-free)

PTFE (Teflon) Hidrofobic

Broad chemical compatibility, strong chemical stability and inertia. Applications: organic solvent with strong chemical causticity filtration, strong acid and alkalin solvent filtration

PTFE (Teflon) Hidrophilic

Broad chemical compatibility, strong chemical stability and inertia. Applications: organic solvent with strong chemical causticity filtration, HPLC filtration (Acetonitrile/water), alkalin filtration

Mixed cellulose esters (MCE)

Thin texture material with little resistance, high filtration speed,little absorption. Applications: gas particulate, oil particulate, alcohol particulate, other solvent particulate and bacteria filtration for inspection

PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride)

Extremely low protein binding, good heat endurance and chemical stability, strong hydrophobility. Suitable for filtration of non-aggressive acqueous solutions and mild organic solutions, or when maximizing protein recovery is important. Applications: gas filtration, vapour and high temperature filtration, food industry and medicine filtration

PP (Polipropilene)

Naturally hydrophilic material. Designed for use with acqueous or organic solutions containing high debris levels or with aggressive, hard-to-filter solutions. Wide range of chemical compatibil to organic solvents. Optimal proteins recovery. Applications: HPLC, cell coltures filtration, sterile filtration of low volume samples

Filters with Pre-filter 3 layers

Syringe filters with pre-filter 3 layers in GF and PP, designed for dirt particulates-laden samples. Applications vary referring to membrane material