Kairosafe Our Quality is Your Safety


Kairosafe is a company specialized in the distribution of biological and microbiological analysis products from internationally approved manufacturing companies.

It is an afloat company that has been established to meet the vast array of needs of analytical laboratories and quality control departments of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food industries ... and is committed to finding advanced and safe solutions.

The product and service portfolio is consolidated and constantly expanding, and is valued by the guarantee of a direct relationship and technical support.

Something about us

In ancient GreeceKAIROS was the god of the right time, the greek correspondent of the latin "carpe diem": an opportunity to seize.

For us, the right time came in 2005, when we created a feminine company in a perfect environment for biomedical companies. As a matter of fact, Trieste is the European city with the highest number of researchers per inhabitant and boasts one of the largest presence of research centers and scientific institutions in Italy.

SAFE, the second part of our name, recalls “safety”, the founding element of our commitment to deliver quality products, concrete solutions and customised technical support.

Company with Quality Management System conforming to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.
Certificate no. 50 100 12487