Essential equipment to perform biological and microbiological analysis, including homogenizers, colony counters, data logger, bench incubators, shakers, centrifuges, bench sterilizers, pipettes.



For preparation of food samples for microbiological analysis

Authomatic pipettors

Pipettors for liquid-handling authomation: propipette variable speed for application on glass or plastic pipettes; variable volume authomatic dispenser

Colony counter

With optional software, for 60 mm, 90 mm and 150 mm dishes


For ATP+ADP+AMP monitoring on surfaces and liquids

Vortex mixers

Vortex with variable speed, with touch or continuous operation

Mini centrifuges

Benchtop mini centrifuges with one or two rotors, for microtubes or PCR strips

Benchtop incubators

Wide range of banchtop incubators for many applications in laboratory


2 and 3 dimensions mixers and orbital shakers or shaking incubators for many applications in molecular biology

Hotplates / magnetic stirrers

Hotplates and stirrers with ceramic surface, high resistance and duration


Refillable with butan tank or electric

Benchtop autoclaves

Benchtop autoclaves, 8 or 16 liters

Microplates readers

For microplate washers (ELISA, PCR...)