Products for Cleaning validation

In the production and analytical fields, it is necessary to guarantee adequate levels of hygiene and demonstrate the cleanliness of surfaces and work tools.

The quality control department and support laboratories have the task of carrying out constant monitoring, useful for reacting promptly in the presence of contamination. Monitoring of surfaces aims to identify the presence of dirt, pathogenic microorganisms, antibiotic residues, allergens, etc.


There are various tests for the detection of organic substances that make up dirt, such as proteins, polysaccharides, fats, ATP, etc. and which are related to the possible presence of pathogenic microorganisms. These are usually swabs impregnated with a colorimetric indicator that changes color in the presence of the organic substance sought or swabs whose reaction must be read with a bioluminometer. They are useful for highlighting the level of hygiene (or for detecting the microbial load with bioluminescence) and for verifying the effectiveness of cleaning operations.


As regards environmental sampling for the search for microorganisms, it is carried out according to the ISO 18593:2018 method and has the aim of:

  • estimate the possibility and extent of contamination of environmental surfaces.
  • evaluate the effectiveness of surface washing and disinfection procedures.

It is possible to use swabs or sponges, but it is also possible to use other devices to sample surfaces, for example contact plates, quick kits and boot swabs.

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