Rapid microbiology kits

The search for pathogenic microorganisms often requires a speed of result that is difficult to obtain with classic microbiological analyses, which involve growth on culture media for several days and possibly subsequent confirmation, as well as the availability of an adequately equipped laboratory.

Rapid kits for the research and quantification of microorganisms allow you to overcome or reduce these problems and are very useful when you need to act promptly, even in screening or in-process activities.

The quick methods we are talking about are of two types:

  • Colorimetric tests (Easy MBS and SwabSure) consist of special culture broths that change color in the presence of certain conditions correlated with bacterial growth. They allow you to obtain results, even in quantitative terms, in much shorter times than classic methods. The results are obtained within a few hours if the contamination is high, otherwise it takes 24, 32, 48 and up to 67 hours depending on the microorganism.

  • Lateral Flow Tests (hydrosense Legionella) use lateral flow immunochromatographic test technology to detect the presence of antigens on the cell surface of Legionella bacteria. They use anti-legionella antibodies, marked by red nanoparticles, which bind to all bacteria present in the sample and make them visible in the form of a red line on the device. Results are obtained in 25-30 minutes.
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