Sterilization pouches for Steam and EtO

SecurEline® pouches and rolls are intended to contain medical devices, resist the sterilization process allowing the sterilization of the contents, allow the preservation of the contents in sterile conditions.


SecurEline® pouches and rolls are compatible with the following sterilization treatments:


- EtO (Ethylene Oxide)

Pouches and rolls are equipped with Type 1 process indicators (EN ISO 11140-1) for Ethylene Oxide and Steam, printed with water-based ink.

These provide an indication for the user as they identify whether the barrier system, together with its contents, have already undergone one of the sterilization treatments indicated above.

Indicators follow the criterion:

- Steam sterilization = STEAM indicator from pink to brown

- Sterilization with ethylene oxide = EO indicator from blue to yellow / brown.

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