Kit for microorganism preservation Protect Select

Protect Select is a system that allows the cryo-preservation of microorganisms in a freezer at -20, -70, -80°C or in liquid nitrogen.

Allows optimal conservation of:

  • anaerobic microorganisms (orange)
  • microorganisms isolated from milk products, rinse water and environmental samples (lilac)
  • yeasts and moulds (grey)
  • microorganisms used in pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications (black).


Protect consists of cryogenic tubes containing:

  • colored porous ceramic beads, on whose surface microorganisms easily adhere
  • nourishing solution with glycerol, which prevents cell damage caused by cold
  • the test tubes have caps of the same color as the beads; the color has the purpose of coding the contents of the test tube in the library
  • gamma ray sterilization guarantees a SAL 10^-6.
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