Multi-place vacuum filter systems

In-line and  circular filtration manifolds

They are steel or aluminum manifolds that act as a support for the filter funnels, connecting them to the vacuum pump.

The manifolds are available both in line and circular, with 3, 6 or 12 stations. They can be combined with steel, glass or plastic funnels, both autoclavable and disposable, with different types of connection.


Complete filtration systems

They consist of a manifold with filter funnels, a vacuum pump and accessories such as receiving bottles, tubes and flaming devices.


Compact WaterVac 200 filtration systems

They are vacuum filter systems consisting of a very small suction device, which discharges the liquid directly into the drain, reducing the space occupied on the counter and facilitating operations.

WaterVac 200 is equipped with two filtration stations to which filter funnels can be applied, which can be made of steel but also of plastic, both autoclavable and disposable.

The system is compatible with various types of funnels.

Applications are all types of laboratory filtration.

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