LAL test dedicated instruments

To set up the LAL test, only a few small tools are needed which, however, must be dedicated to it.



The good mixing of the endotoxin solutions is a very delicate parameter that can affect the success of the test.


Block incubator for LAL gel-clot tests

Incubation of the reaction mixture should be carried out in a dry incubator, at 37°C for 60 minutes. The incubator should be tested with a calibrated thermometer to verify that it is capable of maintaining the optimal temperature range for the duration of the test. Kairosafe offers incubators including IQOQ.


Optical reader of test tubes or microplates

The LAL kinetic test requires an optical reader of tubes or microplates, contact us for information and prices.



For dispensing LAL reagent and samples. Digital thermometer For checking the incubator.



To standardize the mixing times of the solutions during test setup and monitor the duration of the incubation.

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