Ready culture media in plates, bottles, tubes, bags

Culture media for microbiology, ready to use in various formats:

  • 90 mm plates for sowing or sedimentation.
  • 60 mm plates for membrane tests.
  • Contact plates with meniscus for surface sampling.
  • Contact plates without meniscus for air samplers. 
  • Glass bottles with metal or plastic screw caps, various volumes.
  • Glass test tubes, various volumes.


Culture media already prepared and ready to use for microbiological analyses, cleaning validation, media-fill, antibiogram, strain preservation, identification etc.

Media are dispensed into plates, bottles, tubes or bags. The formulations follow regulations such as the EP and USP pharmacopoeias, the UNI EN ISO, BAM, APHA standards and many other regulations specific to the type of analysis or microorganism researched.

The media are accompanied by technical documentation which includes:

  • Certificate of analysis
  • Technical data sheet
  • Safety data sheet.
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